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Krzysztof Gawlas

All compositions, arrangements, algorithmic
process and sound synthesis programming,
sound recording, mixing and mastering by
Krzysztof Gawlas.

This CD is a part of a multidisciplinary
artistic project called
Academy of the Sounds of the Earth,
held in the Artistic Department of
Silesian Uniwersity in Katowice,
under direction of
dr hab. Małgorzata Skałuba-Krentowicz,
under financial support of
Polish Ministry of Science
and Higher Education.

Many thanks to Anna Dawidów
and Bartosz Mikołaj Nazaruk
for their participation in the recording of
flutas and drums
and to all the people involved in creating
of the ceramic instruments.

Cover design by Hanna Gawlas

Cieszyn 2011/12
Uniwersytet Sląski w Katowicach 2012.